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HUGH JONES (AMOS1) was born 23 December 1791 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and died 01 March 1864 in Harford County, Maryland. He was married by the Rev. Mr. Griffith to REBECCA ANN KIDD, the daughter of James Kidd and Rebecca Lyon, on 20 December 1821 in Cecil County, Maryland. She was born 05 November 1803 in Cecil County, Maryland, and died 19 March 1855 in Harford County, Maryland.

Notes: During the War of 1812, Hugh Jones was a private in a company commanded by Captain Henry Ruff, in the 40th Regiment of Maryland Militia commanded by Colonel Watkins. He was drafted at Coopertown in Hartford County, on or about the 31st day of March 1813 for six months, and was honorably discharged at Annapolis in September 1813. Captain Ruff's company was consolidated with Captain Wheeler's company during his term of service. In 1814, Hugh Jones joined Captain George Steever's Company, 27th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, Maryland Militia and fought the British at the Battle of North Point.


JOHN FLETCHER JONES was born on 27 January 1822.

AMOS JAMES JONES was born on 01 June 1825 in Harford County, Maryland and died on 11 October 1848 in Harford County, Maryland.

GEORGE WASHINGTON JONES was born on 20 October 1827 in Harford County, Maryland and died on 09 February 1899.

MARY MATILDA JONES was born on 01 March 1830 in Harford County, Maryland.

AUGUSTINE JONES was born on 03 August 1832 in Harford County, Maryland and died on 24 August 1896. She married John L. Windolph.

CHARLES WESLEY JONES was born on 28 September 1833 in Harford County, Maryland and died on 17 December 1882.

MARY REBECCA ANN JONES was born on 16 September 1837 and died on 21 September 1866.

MARGARET CECILIA JONES was born 10 November 1839, Harford County, Maryland.

HUGH ANDREW JONES was born 22 November 1842 in Grey Rock Farm, Castleton, Harford County, Maryland, and died 21 May 1910 in Grey Rock Farm, Castleton, Harford County, Maryland. He first married Cornelia Alice Touchstone, the daughter of James Touchstone and Virginia Owens, on 17 January 1867 in Port Deposit, Maryland. She was born 27 February 1845 in Port Deposit, Cecil County, Maryland and died 07 August 1907 in Port Deposit, Cecil County, Maryland. He then married Georgia Gwinn Shure on 15 October 1908 and she died 10 December 1909.

WILLIAM HENRY KIDD JONES was born 08 September 1846. He married Jane Taylor.


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